Red Blend

Our Red Blend is garnet red in color, deep and rich looking. The wine is warm and layered with cocoas and ripe blueberry aromas. The fresh plum flavors are indicative of a homemade, dense-like strawberry jam with hints of black cherry and red licorice. 



Our Award-Winning Chardonnay is a pretty and bright golden straw in color. There are wonderful aromas of summer-ripe peaches with tropical fruits and flowers. The silky-smooth flavors are reminiscent of baked apples and toasty vanilla bean. The lively acidity makes this an extremely well-balanced Chardonnay. The finish is long and fruity, with a slight hint of hazelnuts. Our wine’s overall taste profile is creamy with apricots and lemons.



Our Blush Zinfandel shines a pretty shade of pink. There are lovely perfume aromas that remind one of ripe melons, honeysuckle in summer, and cherry blossoms in spring. The flavors are bright and delicately sweet with a perfect balance of fresh acidity that lightens up the complex texture. The succulent flavors are of juicy tangerine, white peaches, and just-picked strawberries.


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